Soda City's Adoption Day - Costume Contest!
So, you think your pup is the cream of the crop, huh?

...and we agree! Don't throw out your old Halloween costumes or shove them in the back of the closet. Dress up your dog and strut them down our runway to prove your fur baby is the best of the best! Or at least, a 'Stud Muffin'... or 'Spookiest Pooch'... or perhaps 'Bodaciously Beautiful B*tch'? ;-)

Win in any of our 10 categories and score amazing handmade prizes from our very own vendors: Sup Dog Co, Truesdale Barkery, Wag More Dog Collars, Ann Clark Aprons, Hollar's Collars + more!

What are the details?

When: Contest is from 11 AM - 12:30 PM on Nov 10th.
Where: Soda City Market, intersection of Hampton & Main.
How: Fill out this form to apply for the costume contest! If accepted, you will receive a follow-up email with more juicy details. Judges will be on site for review and deliberation for each contestant's costume! Pl
Entry Fee: $10-15 worth of donated pet items! We accept donations in the form of: blankets, newspapers, towels, dog + cat food, wet food, puppy + kitten formula, transport kennels, pet beds, toys, leashes, collars, etc. Donations will be collected at the sign-in table on the day of.
Why: Soda City is proud to foster such a large following of animal-lovers on any given Saturday. Take a quick peek down Main St on the weekends and you'll see hundreds of dogs socializing with the rest of 'em. We understand there are even more animals in Columbia that are just waiting to have that same opportunity, but need a forever home first. Not all participating organizations are looking for adoptions, but rather need donations & volunteer work (which is just as important!)
All donation entries are being given straight back to all participating organizations at the end of the day - thanks to you!


- Absolute BEST in show!
- Influential Pop Culture Pooch!
- Pet/Owner Costume Combo!
- Bodaciously Beautiful B*tch!
- Suave Sultry Stud Muffin!
- Spookiest Pooch!
- Crazy Creative Pup!
- Funniest K9!
- Made everyone go AWWWW!
- That's not a dog!!! (Don't have a dog but own other pets? Be creative with this one!)

All winners will be announced during the week proceeding the event on Facebook. We will reach out to all winners after their announcement to schedule pick-up times of your prizes. Good luck!

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Please list the item(s) you plan to donate when signing in at the event. Must be valued anywhere between $10-15 for valid entry. No monetary donations. It is alright if you are unsure what you would like to donate, just give us a general idea of the items! This information allows us to plan ahead for what items to give to specific shelters depending on their needs.
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Contestant's size? *
Some prizes you could win are bandanas, collars, leashes, etc. If you win in one of our esteemed categories (We believe in you!!) what size would you need in order for your award to fit your pet?
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Clicking YES means you understand that submitting this form does NOT guarantee your participation in this contest. Clicking YES means you understand that your participation is only confirmed once you receive a follow up email from Soda City ( and receive your donation at the entrance table of the event. Clicking YES means you understand this contest has limited spaces and we may not be able to accept your application. Clicking YES means you do not hold Soda City or involved parties legally accountable if your animal accidentally is harmed at the event. Clicking YES means you will abide by all conditions and rules presented by Soda City, and your donation is not returnable if we feel it necessary to revoke your participation. Clicking YES means you understand Soda City does not discriminate contestant potential acceptance on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or age. Clicking NO means you do not understand these conditions and therefore omit your application.
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