Your responses to the following questions will help church leaders to make informed decisions as we begin reopening the church building for worship.

On May 10, 2020 we began to livestream and broadcast the worship service from the Sanctuary, with only those helping with the service (preachers, liturgists, sound board operator, piano player, etc) in attendance. At the earliest, we might resume in-person worship with a gathered congregation on Sunday, June 14, 2020.

When we first resume our in-person worship on Sundays, the “new normal” will look nothing like the “old normal.” Attendees will be asked to wear cloth masks, Pews will be taped off to ensure 6 feet of social distancing, there will be no passing the peace, no children coming forward for the children’s message, no communion for a while, no coffee fellowship time, no passing of the collection plate, no handshakes or hugs, probably no congregational singing, and we may need to take temperatures at the door. When the service is over people will be dismissed at intervals to maintain social distancing. We will continue to livestream and broadcast the service.

Considering this information, when the church resumes in-person worship on Sundays, I would prefer: *
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