Fall 2020 - Gary J. Sbona Honors Program Application
THE APPLICATION DEADLINE IS April 27, by 11:59pm, for all concentrations.

To be eligible for the Sbona Honors program you need:

▪ a minimum SJSU GPA of 3.0 overall and a 3.25 in all upper division business classes you have taken (100w and business ethics count as upper division business).
▪ a minimum of two semesters of course work at SJSU prior to entering the first semester of the program. (You may apply during your second semester),
▪ to have completed the required courses in your concentration,
▪ to submit a complete application, as required by your department
▫ This application form, completed
▫ Unofficial transcript of your SJSU grades, submitted as required by your
▫ An essay of no more than 500 words on the topic indicated by your department.
▫ Letters of recommendation, as required by your department

Check your school/department requirements for what, in addition to this form, you must submit and how to submit it!

You will need your transcript, resume and essay ready to copy and paste here to complete your application. It will be easiest if you have those ready BEFORE you start!

Click continue and answer the questions to apply for the Sbona Honors Program beginning Fall semester, 2020.
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