Letter of Recommendation Request Form
This form hits all of the points that I will need to help make a case for you. It's okay to be informal, but you should take this seriously (I crank out a lot of letters of recommendation, and I read a lot, too: the more organized the information and talking points I have from you, the easier it is for me to make your case).

Please also recall that you should send any application materials -- including ESPECIALLY your resume/CV and any personal statements! -- to me at paul.musgrave@gmail.com. In the subject line, please write "LASTNAME Letter of Recommendation for DEADLINE", where DEADLINE gives me the deadline in DD-MM-YY format.

If this is an updated letter of recommendation request, please remind me.
What is your name (as it appears on official documents)?
What is the best email address for you?
What is your name (as you like to be called)?
If you have a nickname, shorter name, use only half of your hyphenated surname, etc.
What are you applying for?
Please tell me, in some detail, what you are applying for.
Why do you deserve this?
Make the case for why you should get this and not someone else (bullet points are fine, but think big and give details).
How do I know you?
How do I know you? (If you chose other)
What class(es) did you take with me?
Please enter multiple class titles if you took multiple classes with me.
What term did we FIRST work together?
What accomplishments can you recall from my class?
Brag. Now is not the time to be modest. And be specific.
What are you applying for?
Be specific
How does this opportunity fit in with the class(es) you took from me?
Help me make a case!
What else should I know?
Anything else that's germane to the process, whether that's about you, the opportunity, your life story, or whatever.
When is the ABSOLUTE LATEST I can hand in a letter for you?
Give me the absolute drop-dead date.
How do I submit this letter for you?
Please give me as much information as possible, including URLs and other information from the sponsoring school/organization.
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