Teacher Evaluation of TimelineBuilder Consent Form

Principal Investigator: Mark Guzdial, Professor, University of Michigan

You are invited to participate in a research study that aims to evaluate a tool for use in timeline creation activities in K-12 social studies classrooms.

Our research study will utilize pre and post surveys, along with 3 guided activities to complete. Additionally, there is the option to be invited to a focus group. The focus group will last up to 60 minutes, be conducted over University of Michigan Zoom, and will be recorded. We may also ask to observe your use of the tool by sharing your screen. You may participate in as many of these study segments as you wish.  

We realize that your time is valuable and your opinions are important to us. As a token of our appreciation, you will receive a $20 gift card for participating in the pre and post surveys, and a $30 gift card for each focus group you choose to participate in.

Participating in this research study is completely voluntary. Even if you decide to participate now, you may change your mind and stop at any time. We will not keep your research data to use for other purposes. Your email and any other information that can directly identify you will be kept secure and stored separately from the research data collected as part of the project.

Information collected in this project may be shared with other researchers, but we will not share any information that could identify you.

If you have questions about this research study, please contact:
Mark Guzdial

Before signing this document, make sure you understand what the study is about, and feel free to contact the study team using the information above. I/We will keep a copy of all completed consent forms with the study records. If you have any questions about the study after you sign this document, please feel free to contact the study team using the information provided above.

The University of Michigan Institutional Review Board Health Sciences and Behavioral
Sciences has determined that this study is exempt from IRB oversight.
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I understand what the study is about, and my questions so far have been answered. I will complete the pre and the post survey and you may use my survey data in your study. I will be provided with a $20 gift card for my participation. *
I would like to be contacted about participating in a focus group interview. I will be provided with a $30 gift card if I participate in a focus group interview. *
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