Reversing Climate Change pledge
We, the undersigned, commit ourselves to reducing the concentration of heat trapping gases in the Earth's atmosphere. While reducing greenhouse gas emissions is an important step, we recognize that reversing the deadly trajectory of global climate change will also require the active removal of atmospheric carbon. Climate action markets will be critical to the success of carbon removal by making carbon capture financially feasible and accessible to the public. We pledge to participate in these new climate action markets designed to protect the future of our planet.

We will develop, use and/or learn more about technology and techniques to advance the removal of excess carbon from the atmosphere.

We will cultivate and participate in new climate action marketplaces as buyers, suppliers, verifiers, technology enablers, and/or peer reviewers.

We commit to taking part in a conversation and community that can rapidly & mindfully test, prove, and commercialize new carbon removal strategies.

By completing this form, I give Nori permission to periodically email me relevant information and invite me into conversations with other members of the Nori community.

I understand that indicating my interest in participating as a buyer, supplier, or verifier of Carbon Removal Certificates, or as a peer reviewer, is non-binding.
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