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If you'd prefer to discuss the affiliate program and partnership opportunities before signing up, you can reach out to Alex Haimann, head of business development:
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You will receive 10% of all CRM payments from customers you refer using your unique affiliate link. If a customer signs up without using your link, you will not receive credit unless they cancel their account and sign up again through your link. Customers can add and remove users over time, and your commissions will automatically be adjusted based on the actual amount a customer pays at any given time. Your commissions are based on real revenue that we receive, so if a customer doesn't pay us for any reason, receives a discount, or receives an account credit, your commissions will reflect that. If a customer asks for a refund or issues a credit card dispute, we will retroactively remove the appropriate amount from your affiliate balance. If a customer pays in a currency other than U.S. dollars, we will convert their payment to the corresponding price in USD prior to calculating your commissions (e.g. if a users pays £14, that corresponds to a price of $15, so you'll be paid 10% of $15, not £14).

You will be paid through PayPal or Venmo. We ask you for the email address or phone number linked to your PayPal/Venmo account before before paying you commissions. If you can't receive money through PayPal or Venmo for any reason, we won't be able to pay you. Payments will be made once per month assuming you have more than $50 of unpaid earnings. If you have less than $50, we will defer payment until you reach that threshold. If you cancel your account with a balance below $50, you forfeit the unpaid balance. If for some reason PayPal/Venmo stop supporting these payments, we reserve the right to switch to a reasonable alternative.

This affiliate account may only be used to offer Less Annoying CRM to other individuals and companies. You cannot refer yourself. If we find that you refer a company you own, work for, or have a financial interest in, your affiliate account will be closed immediately and no future payments will be made.

You may not promote your affiliate link in a way that makes it seem like you are a representative of Less Annoying CRM. For example, you can make an advertisement that says: “Our recommended CRM is Less Annoying CRM” because that makes it clear that you are a third party. You may not make an advertisement that says “Less Annoying CRM: The #1 rated CRM” as that would imply that the ad is coming from us, and we don’t want to create brand confusion. You should be especially careful with short-form marketing copy (short text ads, etc.) because it’s harder to clarify what your relationship is to LACRM.

If you advertise on search engines or other similar ad networks, you may not target Less Annoying CRM branded keywords. For example, you can have your ads show if someone searches for “best CRM” but you cannot have your ads show if someone searches for “Less Annoying CRM” as that person was already looking for us, so you did not refer them.

This agreement can be terminated at any time by either party. If you terminate the agreement, your affiliate commissions will stop immediately. We don't expect this to happen, but if we cancel the agreement, for each customer you've referred, we will have the option of either (1) honoring the existing terms indefinitely or (2) buying out each active subscriber you referred us for $50 per user at which point you would stop receiving any commissions for that customer.

As an affiliate, you can create "templates" which are preset account settings that will be applied to the users you refer to us. We consider these templates to be proprietary, meaning that if another affiliate has created a template, that is their intellectual property, and you cannot copy it. Any templates you want to share with the customers you refer must either be the default ones we share with all of our customers, or custom templates made by you (we're happy to help). If we find that you have copied a template from another affiliate without their permission, we have the right to terminate this agreement and close your affiliate account without paying any additional commissions for anyone you've referred.

We may offer more products in the future. It is likely that those additional products will be included in the affiliate program, but this current agreement only applies to the cost of Less Annoying CRM.

Please confirm that you agree to the terms of the affiliate program
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