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If you are experiencing technical difficulties (e.g. the system is not recognizing your prerequisite courses), please email cssadv@uw.edu with your student number and the SLN (5-digit registration code) of the class you want to add.
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Waitlist Process Description and Instructions
PLEASE NOTE: This form is only for full classes. If a class is full and is not an option in this form please email cssadv@uw.edu.

Submit separate requests for each class waitlist you would like to be added to.

The waitlists are first-come, first serve, based on your registration period (see below). You will not be registered prior to your registration period, and will not be contacted prior to your turn in line. Should you have any questions, or to check your place in line, please contact the CSS advisors at cssadv@uw.edu.
This is the order in which students on the waitlist will be manually registered:
1) CSS Students (CSSE, Applied Computing, COMP E): Period I all courses
2) Majors with core CSS courses (e.g. MIS, EE): Period I, core courses only
3) Majors with approved CSS electives (e.g. MIS): Period II, approved electives only
4) CSS minors: Period III, all courses for which prerequisites are met

*Pre-major students are not eligible to take upper division CSS courses (300-400 level) unless specified in the course description, but may fill out this form for lower-division courses during any registration period.

This form is to request add codes for undergraduate CSS courses only. Graduate-level courses are managed by the CSS Graduate office, and can be contacted at cssgrad@uw.edu.
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Note: One course only. You must submit additional requests for multiple classes.
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You can find the prerequisite requirements here: https://www.washington.edu/students/crscatb/css.html
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