Bookending Summer 2019 ~ Participants Sign Up
Summer is here folks! Meaning Bookending Summer 2019 is weeks away from kicking off, are you ready to join in on all the fun?

HOSTS - in case any hosts are viewing this, you DO NOT NEED to fill out the form; UNLESS you're planning on taking part in tidyathon!

Please answer all questions as best you can! If you are stuck/unsure of how to answer something, give us a shout at any of these accounts/platforms!

Clo's Twitter:
Sam's Twitter:

Bookend Twitter:

Alternatively you can reach out to us on discord if you're on the New Bloggers Server/Bookish Collision Server, otherwise we're most active on Twitter.

Name *
Your name, whether it's your real name or a pen name. Whatever you prefer to be called.
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Blog Name *
The name of your blog, which may not be the name you used in the URL. For example my url is but my blog is Book Dragons. So I'd put Book Dragons here.
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This is your blogs URL. It should start with something like this https://
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Twitter URL *
This is your twitter URL. It should look something like this If you don't have twitter then simply put
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This is your instagram URL. It should look something like this You can use either your personal or bookstagram account-- whichever you want to share. If you don't have an insta or don't want to share it then put
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What Are You Probably Going To Do? *
This isn't to pressure you into going through with the choice you make, it's to give us and other participants an idea, of who's wanting to do what. It can also help us (Clo & Sam) see what's popular, what isn't. So if you only pick one but decide to do two, that's totally fine. It's just a guide.
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