Unity Scholarship Application
The Unity Scholarship is a centerpiece of Asheville Community Yoga’s programming and is one fundamental way we strive to achieve our mission of keeping yoga accessible. The scholarship invites more diversity and unity into our teaching roster and student base and helps us achieve a more inclusive space where all can feel supported and served.

We realize that yoga studios often fall short when it comes to representing the diverse nature of our shared reality. We understand that attending a yoga class is often a vulnerable experience and those feelings of vulnerability are often compounded when you don’t feel you have anything in common with those around you. We believe that age, gender, body size, skin color, physical or cognitive abilities and socioeconomics should not impact a person’s ability to learn about yoga.
Asheville Community Yoga is growing! In the past years we have increased our accessibility by offering a weekly Yoga en Español class, Yoga for Seniors classes 5 days per week and Chair Yoga 2 days per week. We have class specifically for veterans and another for those who live in big/curvy bodies. We have teachers who represent a vast variety of colors, sizes, ages and genders and we have added gender-inclusive restrooms throughout our studio space. Asheville Community Yoga celebrates difference in all of its form!

We seek to further grow and diversify our teachers and community. We are looking for leaders who are grounded in themselves and embrace an identity that is socialized as “underrepresented.” We are looking for a team of leaders with diverse perspectives and different social positions to bring more unity into our community. We would like to welcome the LGBTQIA population, People of Color, Seniors, the Differently Abled, Non-native English Speakers, Curvy Bodies, ASL speakers, Native Americans, first responders & other emergency workers, and anyone else who represents a diverse perspective. We are sincere in our desire to diversify our community.

We believe that by broadening our leadership perspectives we can create a more inclusive, culturally aware, and diverse environment which will support individuals as well as the collective and we want you to be a part of it! If you identify as an individual who represents an underrepresented group and wish to become a yoga teacher, we welcome you to apply for a full scholarship to our 250 hour Yoga Alliance Approved yoga teacher training.

Are you ready, willing, and excited to share your passion for yoga; not only here at the studio but also in your everyday life? Then we welcome you to apply and help us create a more unified and diversified community and world.

Scholarship recipients must be able to demonstrate:
+They represent an underserved population.
+They have a true desire to learn about yoga and are willing to incorporate the teachings and practices into their everyday lives.
+They are willing to share the knowledge and wisdom they gain with others by offering 1 class/week at Asheville Community Yoga for a duration of two full years.
+They are able to attend every weekend of the program, no exceptions.

Please make sure you complete your application by June 1st, 2019 to be considered. Late applications will not be accepted.

Thank you for your support of Asheville Community Yoga and your willingness to help us all achieve our mission!

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