Mass Reflections for Confirmation Prep
Please complete 18 by March 31, 2020
2 Per month beginning in July. You are welcome to do more per month if you know certain months are busier for your schedule.
These can be complete by coming to Mass in person, or watching a Mass online or on TV
First and Last Name *
Do you attend QAS or Tuesday Evening Classes? *
How did you attend Mass? *
What Date did you attend Mass? *
What Sunday in the Liturgical Year? *
Who was the main Celebrant or Presider? *
What color was the Celebrant (priest) wearing? Why was he wearing this color? *
What was the Gospel passage (give Biblical Citation)? *
What was the Gospel about? *
What was another reading you heard at Mass (provide biblical citation and 1-2 sentences of what the reading was about)? *
How did the Homily relate to today's readings? *
Name a song that was sung at Mass. (If you don't know the title, you can write in a verse or phrase you remember) *
When in the Mass was the song you named sung? (If you picked the Psalm, what did this Psalm mean to you when you heard it?) *
What do you remember about the Mass today? *
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