Discover Hidden Treasures: Making the Most of Community | Scholarships Application
Who is eligible? Any current Individual Member of KMA.

How do I apply? Complete this form.

Form must be submitted before Friday, August 10, 2018.

What costs will the scholarship cover? Scholarships cover the conference registration fee with an additional $300 to go towards travel expenses.

How many will be awarded? Ten scholarships will be awarded and will cover conference registration fees. Additionally winners will be provided a $300 check to help with travel/lodging expenses. Winners MUST attend the Awards Luncheon on Friday, November 9th to accept their check.

Scholarships do NOT include pre-conference workshop fees, pre & post conference tour fees.

When will the scholarship be awarded? Scholarship recipients will be notified no later than August 17, 2018.

What if I have paid my registration and later find out I have received a scholarship? Your registration fee will be refunded.

For More Information: Lisa Dodson, KMA Executive Director, 316-765-9197 or e-mail:

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How many KMA annual conferences have you attended in the past?
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Please explain your reasons for seeking this scholarship?
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How will attending this conference help you as a museum professional?
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