Training on Cyber Crime Awareness
Approx Participant Duration Time: 15-30 Minutes.

This training programme on Cyber Crime Awareness is organized by National Service Scheme of Uttar Pradesh, Govt. of UP, under the Mission Shakti-2020 in collaboration with CollCom.

Information provided in this training module are very relevant to the today's perspective. You are requested to kindly read all the information carefully and watch the complete video for the better understanding, then answer the questions. Take your own time to complete it. Once you submit this training module, then only you will get a certificate with score card.

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Let's Understand the Cyber Crime in simple terms
1. Cybercrime is a crime involving computers and networks. This includes a wide range of activities, from illegally downloading music files to stealing money from online bank accounts.

2. Cyberspace is a digital or online world, connected with computer and mobile networks. Cybercriminals are not always financially motivated. It also includes non-monetary offences as well.

3. It include frauds such as

a. Job-related frauds or Lottery Frauds, or Matrimonial frauds;

b. Stealing and misusing sensitive personal information (Aadhaar details, credit/debit card details, bank account credentials, etc.);

c. Defamation of an individual on social media;

d. Distribution of computer viruses etc.

4. Cybercrimes can also lead to physical or sexual abuse.

5. Cybercriminals can steal our money or damage our reputation.

According to a study by a leading industry research organization, 90% of all cyber attacks are caused by human negligence. Therefore, cybersecurity awareness is important for everyone today.

We must be vigilant while making use of technology to reduce the risk of cyber threats. Some common types of cybercrimes are prevalent today.

We will discuss these type of cyber crime in very simple terms, with stories and videos in the coming sections. Do read it carefully and watch the video till the end for the better understanding.

Part 1: Social Media Frauds Cyber Crime

Part 2: Psychological Tricks & Digital Banking Frauds Cyber Crime

Part 3: Identity Theft and Safety Measures Tips of Cyber Crime
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