Creative Consortium - Cultural Community Survey
The Long Center is exploring forming a consortium for Austin's cultural community that pools resources and creates economies of scale for administrative efforts like HR and Accounting.  The goal is to create one shared, centralized resource for those administrative activities. This would give us all more time and money to do what we do best, create.

We have landed on five types of services that would be offered to members of the Creative Consortium but before we move forward we would like your input on how useful these services might be to your specific organization.

The survey should take no more than 5 minutes. Thank you for your feedback!

Please note, this survey is anonymous unless you provide your name at the end of the survey.
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Number of full time employees (estimated):  *
Number of part time employees (estimated):  *
How is your organization classified? *
Do you currently use a PEO or HR system? If so, which PEO or HR system do you use?
Please score how interested you would be in utilizing each of these five services if you were a member of the Creative Consortium. Please rate them on a scale from 1 to 4,  1 being 'Not Interested' and 4 being 'Very Interested'. 

1. Shared HR Services such as benefits administration, recruitment, payroll, employment tax remitting and reporting, etc.
Not Interested
Very Interested
Please share any thoughts on your HR Services rating.
2. Shared Accounting Services such as Accounts Payable, General Ledger transaction recording and maintenance, financial reporting and planning, fractional CFO, etc.
Not Interested
Very Interested
Please share any thoughts on your Accounting Services rating.
3. Shared Box Office (ticket purchasing system and personnel, ticketing settlements and reporting)
Not Interested
Very Interested
Please share any thoughts on your Shared Box Office rating. 
4. Shared Office Space (use of administrative/meeting facilities within the Long Center)
Not Interested
Very Interested
Please share any thoughts on your Shared Office Space rating. 
5. Pooled Purchasing (as a collective consortium we can create economies of scale and achieve more favorable pricing on, for example, credit card merchant services, corporate insurance, office and event supplies, etc.)
Not Interested
Very Interested
Please share any thoughts on your Pooled Purchasing rating.
Rank the services on how likely you would be to use them if they were available - 1 being LEAST likely to use and 5 being MOST likely to use. Please assign each Service a different rank. 
Shared HR
Box Office
Office Space
Pooled Purchasing
Considering the services listed above, would you be interested in joining the Creative Consortium? 
If you answered 'yes' above, what is most compelling about joining the Consortium?

If you answered 'no' above, why would you not be interested in joining?
Would you be willing to talk more about the Creative Consortium in a short interview with the Long Center team? *
If you're interested in being contacted for an interview, please include your name and e-mail below. 
Would you be willing to put us in touch with someone at your organization who could answer a few more questions regarding HR & Accounting systems, vendors, and infrastructure? *
If you answered 'yes' above, please provide the name, title, and contact information for that person below.
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