Vines of the Future
January 2019
... A revival of ancient vines from Bordeaux !

Located in Bordeaux (right bank, canton of Fronsac), Château de la Vieille Chapelle has been producing organic wines since 2009 and bio-dynamie since 2015, on 9 hectares around the Romane chapel of the 11th, on the edge of the Dordogne.

Resolutely invested in a viticulture respectful of the environment and Men, we wish today to go even further in our commitment, our convictions and passion: A revival of ancient vines heritage … !

Today we are launching another adventure ...

This project starts in 2009 when on a very old plot (located on the terroir of la Vieille Chapelle) we identify by DNA analysis, the presence of a very old variety of the southwest: Bouchalès. To be clear, in 2014 we are launching an ampelographic study on the 400 vines of this small parcel of non-grafted pre-phylloxeric vines. Result : 11 forgotten grape varieties including 1 unidentified hybrid.

Since 2016 we are working on this ambitious and original project of replanting these ancient grape varieties. With the dual objective of recovering these forgotten aromas (vs too often standardized wines) and also to return to the vine a "state of being" - without grafting.

For this replantation, we have selected 5 grape varieties (on 2 hectares): Bouchalès, Mancin, Cot, Castet, Carménère.

Work began in 2019. The first harvest is scheduled for 2021.

A holistic approach

As part of this project, we want to share with all those who defend a more virtuous viticulture (horse work, bio-dynamism, little or no added sulfur in wines), find the aromas of wines of yesteryear, rediscovering the balance and harmony of ungrafted vines, is today the best way to work the vine, a priority.

It is in this vision that we are inscribed. Hence the name of the project: The Vines of the Future.

Requiring a budget of 90 Keuros over 3 years, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign, not only to raise money, but upstream, to bring together talents, wills, commitment and collective energies.

If you are interested in supporting our approach and participate in this project, please return your details below. I will send you a detailed presentation file and the terms and conditions of this participation.


Frédéric Mallier
Winegrower – Tractor : 06 03 97 09 92

Lieu-dit La Chapelle, 33240 Lugon et l’Ile du Carney
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