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The Coral Reef Science & Cyberinfrastructure Network (CRESCYNT) is a multi-tiered and multidisciplinary network of coral reef researchers, ocean scientists, cyberinfrastructure specialists, and computer scientists. As an EarthCube Research Coordination Network, our goals are to foster a dynamic, diverse, durable, and creative community; to collectively consider and develop standards and resources for open data, research documentation, and data interoperability while making best use of work already done by others; and to offer input to groups within EarthCube responsible for ultimately creating the data architecture and tools for all of EarthCube. Along the way we expect to collect and share resources and tools, and to offer training opportunities prioritized by CRESCYNT members. We will also be open to other opportunities that emerge from our integrated collective and collaborative work.

We seek input from the community on areas of interest and need in coral reef sciences and technological disciplines. Your feedback is very important to this group's work and success, and will help determine cyberinfrastructure priorities! Please take a few minutes to respond to the questions below. Thank you!

For more information, please visit CRESCYNT at and EarthCube at .
Keep up to date through the CRESCYNT-BLOG at .

NOTE: If you're only interested in the TOOLBOX EMAIL AND BLOG SERIES, you can fill out Questions 1-3 and be done.

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You will be automatically enrolled in the general CRESCYNT listserv, including the weekly TOOLBOX series. You may also choose to join any of these disciplinary network nodes, which are working groups determined by field of research in coral reef science (each has its own Google folder and listserv). This offers space for more discipline-specific work.
Which technological nodes are a high priority for you?
We will be inviting computer scientists and technical specialists to collaborate with disciplinary scientists through a set of technological nodes or working groups. Which areas would be most helpful in advancing your work?
Please check here if you are a computer scientist or technical specialist rather than a disciplinary scientist.
To maxmize your potential contributions, we will create a set of technological nodes or working groups after gathering additional input on disciplinary priorities and needs.
If you have technological expertise to share, what are your specialties?
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Thank you for your interest and participation. Please feel free to make any other comments or suggestions.
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