Coming back for the July Market?
At this time July 25th 6-9PM is green-lighted by the Town of Pantego AND TARRANT COUNTY! This form has been sent to those who were previously part of our Pantego Farmer's Market. We will have a virtual meeting prior to the event that you will need to join. This will allow us to go through some of the social distancing procedures and cleaning procedures required during the market. If we are going to do this, We don't want ANYONE to get sick so we ALL must be on board with the requirements and procedures for a safe market.

***buy battery powered lights to shine up your tent! You can also use an umbrella, make your space glow!***

This is a Mandatory yes or no form for the market, not responding yes or no will cause our left eye to twitch and add to our already crazy high stress level. Please fill out the short form. Thank you.
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We are thinking of doing a fundraiser raffle for the market, would you be willing to donate to the auction? *
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