Field Day 2016 Volunteer Signup
This form will help us organize our Field Day setup, teardown, and operation during the contest period. Besides you contact information, we are looking for your ability to help us with setup (Friday and Saturday), operating Saturday through to Sunday at 11am, and then tear down on Sunday afternoon. Please feel free to forward this signup form to others.
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Can you help with setup on Friday, June 24th?
Can you help provide a security watch early Saturday morning (midnight-6am, probably a 3hr shift)?
Can you help with setup on Saturday, June 25th?
Are you interested in operating the phone (SSB) station?
When are you available to operate the phone station?
Can you help with logging at the phone station? We'll be using N1MM for logging and we'll show you how that works ahead of time.
Can you help operating our VHF/UHF station (6m, 2m, 440)? We could be operating FM, SSB or even digital if people are interested.
Are you eligible to operate the "Get On The Air" (GOTA) station? (licensed after June 2015) or know an unlicensed person who would like to try ham radio from a first class station? (all that apply)
Can you help with tear down on Sunday afternoon? (The more people we have, the faster we finish)
Anything else you care to volunteer or suggest?
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