New Media Rights 10th Anniversary Celebration
We're organizing an event to celebrate the first 10 years of New Media Rights, and we'd love your help in planning it. We miss you and want to invite you to celebrate our shared accomplishments.

You can help by answering a few questions about what you're up to and making suggestions about what you think would be nice to see at the event.
Your name
We need to know who's filling out this survey :)
What is your most up-to-date email address?
To make make it easy to keep in touch, we'd like to make sure we know the best way to contact you.
What are you up to?
How's life? Where has your career taken you since law school and your time at New Media Rights? OR what direction has your project gone as the last time we were in touch?
Where are you?
Geographically speaking... Are you still in San Diego? Are you traveling the world?
Can we share these updates with other people
We are proud of all of the NMR alums and former clients, so we want opportunities to show that more often. Can we share what you are up to to other alums and the public? Sometimes, we have opportunities that we want to share with our network first, so we'd like your permission before using any of this information to make recommendations other people.
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