Elicker/Keegan Nomination Form

In 1991, Paul E. Elicker, Newton North High School Class of 1940, established the Paul E. Elicker Award for Excellence in Teaching. His generous gift is a tribute to his father, who was principal at Newton High School from 1932 –1940. Each year an award, funded by Mr. Elicker’s grant, is presented for excellence in teaching.
By agreement with Mr. Elicker, excellence is broadly defined as:
• A deep appreciation and knowledge of a subject matter
• Teaching that stretches the mind of students
• Standards for performance that inspire excellence
Paul E. Elicker - Previous Winners
1991 Jessie Timberlake / Richard Travers
1992 Lori Borden / Peter Capodilupo
1993 Margaret Flaherty / William O’Neil
1994 David Outerbridge / Lawrence Caranfa
1995 Robert Faulkner / Daniel (Ty) Vignone
1996 Daniel Kunitz / Carol Seitz
1997 John (Rob) Stark / Emilio Mazzola
1998 Chuck Kamar / Robert Mitchell
1999 Charlotte Thompson/ Gary Elliott
2000 Brainerd Phillipson / Erika Chisolm
2001 Linda Fries / Ernest Nicol
2002 Yvonne Davey / Lyn Montague
2003 Paula Garrity / George MacIver
2004 Thomas Donnellan / Allan MacDougall
2005 Esme Green / Gretchen Sterling
2006 Jo Ellen Hillyer / Joseph Siciliano
2007 Mike Fieleke / Jennifer Morrill
2008 Margery Wieder / Barbara Gibson
2009 Melissa Dilworth / Stephen Chinosi
2010 Elena Graceffa
2011 Zachary Snow
2012 Tracey Stewart
2013 Sherri Ziomek / Juanita O’Neill
2014 David Bedar
2015 Robert Kane
2016 Elisse Ghitelman
2017 David Bennett
2018 Alison Malkin

Upon her retirement in 2010, the friends and family of Brenda Keegan, a former English Department Head (Newton North High School), Principal (Newton South High School) and Deputy Superintendent (Newton Public Schools) established this award as a gift to the two high schools she loved.
Each year “The Keegan Award for Excellence in Teaching” recognizes one Educator from each high school who inspires students to think—both critically and creatively—and to consider the significance of their studies to their own lives. Beyond these educators’ extensive knowledge of their academic disciplines and warm personal engagement with students, Brenda Keegan hoped that this award would particularly honor teachers whom students say, “Really taught us how to think.”
Brenda Keegan - Previous Winners
2010 Janice Miller
2011 David Hawkins
2012 Kristen Durocher
2013 Jo-Anne Purdy
2014 Alicia Carrillo
2015 Anne Blais
2016 Tracy Ryan
2017 Nicholas Capodilupo
2018 Subheen Razzaqui

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