CPEG-Social Skills Group Screening Form 
Welcome! We at Carnelian Psychological and Educational Group, Inc, are excited that you are interested in having your child participate in our Social Skills Group.  This will be run by 1-2 experienced clinicians and a Behavior Coach. 

Please complete this screening form. Spaces are limited, and group members will be accepted based on both date of submission of this form, completion of the screening process, and appropriate fit for the current group.   

We also form groups based on interest, so we encourage you to complete this even if a group is not yet scheduled.

Once you complete this form, you will receive confirmation via e-mail or phone on next steps.  Please contact us if you have any questions!   info@carnelianclinical.com 

All of your responses will be kept CONFIDENTIAL. 
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Child's pronouns
Child's Date of Birth
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Current Grade at School (if completing this in between school years, choose the "rising" grade for the fall).
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Are there any current custody arrangements for your child?  
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Select which group you are interested in your child joining.  Final groupings will be determined by CPEG. We group based on similar ages and needs.
Which location do you prefer? 
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Parent/caregiver will be expected to join the last 5 or 10 minutes of each group to hear about the skill taught and tips on how to help their child practice for that week. 

*For the PEERS GROUP ONLY (6th-12th grades): at least one parent is expected to join the weekly concurrent parent group (held virtually on a different day or in-person at the same time, TBD).  Ideally, this will be the same parent attending.  

NAME and Email address of the Participating Parent/Caregiver (more than 1 is fine)
Participating Parent/Caregiver's Phone Number
Inclusion Criteria: Check ANY that apply for your child: *
Exclusion Criteria:  Check ANY that apply for your child: *
Please specify any medical or health conditions that may impact your child's participation in the group:
Please specify any medications your child is being currently prescribed and taking:
Does your child have any physical, developmental, or clinical diagnoses or disorders? (e.g. anxiety, ADHD, ASD, dyslexia, learning disability, etc) This information is kept confidential and for planning purposes. 
If your child has a diagnosis, is he/she/they aware of it?
Current Social Problems: Check all that apply
Of your concerns above, what are your top 3 concerns?
What are 2-3 skills you hope your child will learn from this group? 
List a few of your child's interests and what motivates them. 
Special accommodations: if you anticipate your child will have any specific accommodations in order to participate in the group, please describe:
KIDS' GROUPS ONLY (ages 4-11): We use a positive reinforcement system where your may earn a small prize or treat at the end of each session and/or group. If your child has any food allergies, or you have any concerns about this, please describe below. 
Feel free to add any other information you would like us to know.
Carnelian Psychological and Educational Group, Inc Psychologists (Dr. Fribourg and Mrs. Rush) will confirm the final group members.  We will reach out to you if we decide the current group may not benefit your child.  If that happens, do you allow us to keep your child on our waiting list for the next social skills group?     
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