ICE Medicine Summer 2019 Internship Program
Who we are:
ICEBERG TECHNOLOGIES is a start up with a group of software engineers and AI Researchers who are passionate to expand this technology to every industry’s needs.

ICE MEDICINE is a branch of ICEBERG TECHNOLOGIES focuses on merging AI advantages on different fields of medicine. Company is currently working on supportive systems to doctors and medical specialists.


- Start-to-End Deep Learning Project will be completed regarding the related medicine field
- Successful candidate will gain opportunity to work with ICEBERG team and the medical advisers working on real world problems.


We are looking for a passionate, hardworking individuals who have involved or completed relevant projects / studies in Artificial Intelligence or Medicine.

The candidate should be capable of basic understanding one of the following:
* Works or studies with Deep Learning algorithms.
* Be able to provide technical and academic support in medical field.
* Works or studies with medical machines.
*Candidate will complete the internship at the ICEBERG office in Istanbul.

Program Duration: 24.06.2019 - 13.09.2019 (Minor revisions might take place)

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