2018 Hover Craft Application
Hover Craft is an event created to support artists, crafters, designers, makers and creatives of all sorts by providing an annual venue to showcase and sell wares to our extended community at large. Although previously Hover Craft has attempted to support only Milwaukee-based artists, for the 2018 season we will no longer limit applications based on geography. It is now our focus to create a community of artists not held within a certain location, but to embrace all individuals, near and far, who would enjoy participating in our event.

What are we looking for? We are looking for creative people to come and occupy a space about 7' x 7' and fill it with what they love to make.

Hover Craft will take care of promotion and event coordination always with the best interest of the vendors in mind. We want to encourage you to make the most inspiring and creative work and we will make sure there will be lots of excited people around to see it (and buy it!).

If you haven't been to a Hover Craft before, check out our Facebook profile and our blog (http://hovercraftmke.blogspot.com/) - you will find photographs of past events which showcase the love we have for all our creative local artists, crafters, designers and makers of all sorts who will spend time with us showcasing their wares. We are so excited to be producing our 8th annual show -- and we hope you apply! We cannot wait to see what you have been making!

To apply:

We no longer judge applications based on geography. All are encouraged to apply.

You must make what you sell! Two points we want to make here: First, this is a handmade show. Everything in your space should be made by you! Secondly, we understand there is a busy craft fair season right before Christmas, but we ask you to clear your calendar and sell at Hover Craft yourself. Yes, you can have a buddy come to help. But no, you can not have someone else represent your work.

All products you showcase should not be from pre-existing patterns, recipes, designs, etc. We want all the weird and creative work that comes straight from your brain.

We now accept applications from brick and mortar stores as well. If you would like to participate, please list "shop" in the spot that asks for a brief description. All items from the shop must be handmade and you must have an agreement with the artists to represent them, aka - no buying in bulk where the goods are handmade by people in Venezuela - that kind of thing. We want the shop line up to be more personal, more representative of artists you know and personally want to support. Please list the names of the artists you will be representing at the show in the URL you provide to us in the next application blank.

If you would like to share a booth, please submit just one application with information for both vendors included.

How do we decide who gets in?

A few factors come into play when we go through all of the applications. Mostly, we want to encourage creativity. If you are making something that no one else makes, it is very likely you will get in.

How do you know you got in?

We will email you on September 17th. We will also post the list of vendors on our blog and on our Facebook account. Because of the number of applications we receive, we do not email those vendors who were not accepted.

Event Details--
Date: Sunday, December 9th, 2018
Location: The Pritzlaff Building, 333 N Plankinton Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53203
Load In: 10AM-11AM
Set Up: 11AM-12PM
Vend: 12PM-6PM
Load Out: Immediately Following

Vendor Fee: $125
Application Deadline: Midnight on August 31st
Late applications are not considered.

Accepted Vendor Announcement: September 17th
Vendor Fee Due Date: September 24th

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