Help With Containers Please
Thanks so much for being one of our Volunteer Drivers, you are SO amazing...  Since the money to fund the containers comes from donations, we just need to put a few agreements in place.
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Name *
You're happy to pay a deposit of £10 to UKWT (that you get back if you can no longer drive for us and when you have returned the carrier(s)). *
Would you like funding for one or both carriers please, and which one? (It's still a £10 deposit whether we are donating one or both carriers to you).
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I am willing to drive up to 80 miles round trip.  (Often a Transport Job, depending on Volunteer Drivers in the area, could cover up to 25 miles to get to the Finder, 25 miles to get to Rescue & then your journey back home). *
The carrier(s) belong to UKWT.  If you cease to drive for us, please tick to agree that you will post back the carrier(s) - at your own expense, within one week - so that we can donate them to another Volunteer Driver. *
Please tick the checkbox to agree to this condition...  If we contact you more than 3 times (in a row) to ask for your help with a Transport Job during the hours that you have stated on your form that you will be available and you do not answer or are unable to help - you will return the carrier(s) to us (for us to donate to another Driver) at your own expense, within one week. *
Please tick the checkbox to agree to applying proof of purchase (digital receipts via email) within 24hrs of having the donation for carrier(s) transferred to you. *
If for any reason UKWT deems it necessary to ask you to step down as a Volunteer Driver (if you are suspected of not following the Welfare Policy, for example) you agree to return the carrier(s) to us - at your own expense - within one week. *
Please tick the checkbox to confirm that you are happy with the funding for carrier(s) being sent to you, to your Paypal account? *
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