HSSM Student Application: Second Year (2020-2021)
We are so excited that you are applying for our second year program of Harbor School of Supernatural Ministry!

Please fill out this application thoroughly and honestly. Your answers to any of the questions is not grounds for denial into the school. However, we will review each application and make a decision on whether we feel it is the right time for you to attend.

Upon acceptance into the school, your deposit of $100 will be due.

Classes begin September 10, 2020 at Harbor Christian Center.
What year did you complete HSSM First Year? (If you have not completed First Year yet, please fill out that application instead.) *
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Are you married? *
If you are married, is your spouse attending HSSM with you? (If so, we offer a discount this year for married couples.)
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Is your spouse in full agreement with you attending HSSM?
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If you answered no to the question above, please explain:
Do you foresee anything hindering you from completing the school in its entirety? *
If you answered yes or maybe to the above question, please explain:
Will you be utilizing childcare during class time? *
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