2018 ISMEC Phase II Form
This document contains the requirements for phase 2 of the 2018 Indiana Super Mileage Challenge
School Name *
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Team Number *
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UPDATES: You car is undoubtedly a lot farther along than when you submitted Phase I. What have you changed on your vehicle since you sent in Phase I? *
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PHOTOS: Please send the following photos in an email attachment to the ISMC Committee. Check them off as you send them. *
MEDIA: Name and address of your local newspaper
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MEDIA: Name and website address of your local television station
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AWARDS: Will your team be applying for either of the off-track awards by April 2nd, 2018? Applications can be found on the E/TEI website.
Your team members may have changed. Tell us drivers, team members, coaches, and chaperons that are coming. List (1)each team member's name, (2)age, (3)denote the "driver" and "alternate driver"
Example: Megan Jackson, 16, driver
List your team members below *
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