Immune tonics - For existing clients
Hi. Due to the demand for immune tonics from us at the moment, we have tried to streamline the way we do things. We have mixed up a couple of generic large batches of mixes of the herbs we've identified as being most helpful to support general immunity and support the lungs. We have a cough mix, an immune system support/prevention mix, a mix suitable for families and children, and one for pregnant women.

If you are an existing client of ours, in that you have been to see us for an appointment in the clinic and we already have health history notes for you, please fill out this form and we will let you know when it is ready to collect.Collection is from outside Becs's house at 12 devon Grove BS5 9AH.

The cost is £20 payable by paypal per bottle, and it's two 300ml bottles per household, and/or one packet of fever tea, which costs £7and/or a 60gm pot of chest rub which cost £8.
We are limiting the quantities in one go to preserve our stocks, but you can order refills if needed.

We just need you to answer a coupe of questions
Email *
Your full name *
Your contact telephone number *
Do you currently have a cough? *
Do you currently have any cold or flu symptoms? If yes, what are they? *
Are you pregnant? *
Do you want to give the tonic to children? *
Do you have any other underlying respiratory or cardiovascular conditions?
Please pay us £20 (for one 300ml bottle) and/or £7 for a fever tea and/or £8 for a chest rub by paypal with your name as a reference:
Just let us know how much you've paid by paypal, and if you've added in an optional extra donation to go towards helping offer herbs to vulnerable people
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