FBE Member Application (Temp)
==Use this form to become a fully fledged FBE member.==

Becoming an FBE Member is more than being in one of our in-game clans. Its about having a place to call your home on the internet, with a like-minded gaming community that shares similar values, and will always have your back.

Perks of being an FBE Member:
2+ give-aways weekly
Automatic White-list to our servers (Minecraft, Rust, ARK, etc..)
Access to Smeeta Kavat Imprints
Access to Powerful weapon and warframe builds
Free profile audit & advice session with our senior Warframe players (optional)
Opportunity to become an officer or raid leader

The 3 basic requirements you must meet are to be 18+ years of age, have a microphone, and are currently not an official member of another gaming community.

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