Itinerant Music (ITM) Lesson Permission Form 2022
This form is an electronic permission form for your child to undertake Itinerant Music lessons at Aquinas College in 2022.

Students must commit to lessons for the year so this is a decision that needs to be made carefully.  Your child has been given preference to undertake these lessons and those who were not successful have been place on a waiting list.  If your child is in Year 9-13 Option Music, they MUST be learning an instrument.

These lessons are government funded.  They support students taking Music as an option subject and allow school ensembles and bands etc. to be formed.  They are not designed to be the equivalent of private lessons outside of school.

Please read and complete this form carefully - there are a few requirements and expectations around lessons.  We need to ensure parents/caregivers and students are fully aware of these e.g being prepared to participate in a concert or informal performance when deemed ready by the teacher and being in a group such as a vocal group or ensemble.

By submitting this form, you are giving permission for your child to undertake lessons and agree to the requirements and expectations outlined.

If you have any questions, please email the Music Department. 
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Email *
1. Full name of student (FIRST and LAST name)? *
E.g. Claire Song
2. What year level will they be in 2022? *
3. Is the student in Option Music - Year 9 or NCEA Levels 1-3 this year? *
4. What music lessons have you been accepted into? *
5. SECOND instrument.
If your child has been accepted into two ITM lessons, you will need to complete this form a second time - one for each instrument.  Please skip this question if you only wish to learn one instrument.  Please leave a comment if required.
6. Names of PARENT/S or CAREGIVER/S *
7. Email contact for PARENT/S or CAREGIVER/S (preferably two email addresses). *
8.  Home and/or cellphone contact for PARENT/S or CAREGIVER/S (preferably two numbers). *
9. Do you already learn an instrument privately (outside of school)? *
If so, please state what instrument and please provide additional information on how long you have learned for and any exams or successes you have had.
10. I understand that my child is required to contribute to an appropriate vocal or instrumental group as soon as the teacher indicates the student is ready. *
All voice students must join Junior or Voci Celesti Choir.  Instrumentalists can join an ensemble: e.g. Rock Band, Orchestra, Big Band, Wind & Brass Ensemble, String Ensemble etc.  
11.  My child will have access to an instrument to practice on at home on a weekly basis. *
This is paramount.  Your child MUST have access to an instrument.  A number of instruments are available for hire and a separate form can be collected to hire an instrument for a term.
12.  I understand my child is required to commit to at least a semester (two terms) of lessons. *
This is imperative as your child will have been chosen for lessons above other students.
13.  Both my child and I have read and understood the Music Care Agreement and the  ITM Information sheet and agree to the conditions outlined. *
14.  I agree to my child giving their teacher their contact cellphone number. *
Often students miss notices or there can be changes to lessons.  By teachers having cellphone numbers for students, we can set up a group text reminder for lessons.  Please enter your child's cellphone number below.  This is not compulsory, but is helpful in sending bulk messages to groups about lessons and reminders for the week.  We understand if you do not wish your child to share their number.  All cellphone and email correspondence will also be sent to parents/caregivers and the Curriculum Leader of Music as a record of apologies, reminders etc.
15. Any additional comments:
16.  By submitting this form, you are giving permission for your child to undertake lessons and agree to the requirements and expectations outlined. *
17.  This form has been submitted by a parent/caregiver (legal guardian). *
18.  Do you have any further comments?
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