2019 Anime Conji Vendor Application
Anime Conji would like to thank you for your interest in participating in our Exhibit Hall as a Vendor. Please note that this is only the first step of the process, and no payment is due at this time. All Exhibit Hall applications will be reviewed in the order they are received. Once your application is received, you will be sent a confirmation (this is neither an acceptance or rejection)

Any application with incomplete information or use of Aliases/Nicknames in place of your Legal Name is subject to be declined, and you will be asked to reapply. We require this for our internal documentation. You may still remain anonymous via your Badge Name and Store Name you supply.

Upon review, each applicant will be notified whether or not their application has been accepted or declined via email no later than mid/late April 2018. Vendors who have been accepted will receive further instructions via email, along with the Vendor's contract. Payment will be due upon acceptance. (A link to Vendor registration will be sent to each approved Vendor at that time.)

Vendor registration will cost $200 and will include the following- 1 - 7' x7' booth with a 6' table, two chairs, and two badges.

There are limited premium spaces available for $225, which includes all the above and your choice of space (Premium spaces are defined as the following: Wall corner spaces, wall spaces, - (both of which have access to power outlets) and front center spaces (right by the main entrance)

*Please note that Linens and Pipe & Drape are not provided by the convention.

You can purchase an additional Vendor helper badges for $40 (limit 2.)

Vendor Applications will close on April 15th.

Payment and signed forms are due no later than May 15th.

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