SPV Market Research Residential PV System Buyer Experience Survey
The purpose of this survey is to better understand the Residential PV System buying experience with the goal of improving this experience
What got you interested in solar for your home? *
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I was made aware of available incentives to help me make my decision *
How did you choose your installer *
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Why did you choose to buy instead of lease? *
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How long have you owned your system? *
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What size is your system? *
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What was the total cost of your system? *
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I was offered options of different brands and technologies *
The price/quality differences between brand options was clearly explained *
I was offered an energy efficiency audit to help size my system *
I was asked questions about the condition of my roof and it was inspected *
System size options and what to expect from the system were explained to me *
Pricing options were clearly explained to me *
Financing options were clearly explained to me *
The invoice was clearly explained to me *
The warranties for panels and the inverter were clearly explained to me *
An extended warranty on my system was offered to me *
A performance guarantee was offered to me *
I know who to call if something goes wrong with my system *
The available incentives including net metering were explained to me *
The permitting process was explained to me *
My installer handled applying for the incentives for me *
My installer handled the permitting process for me *
The time it would take to install and generate electricity from my system was clearly explained to me *
The system was installed faster than I expected *
There were unexpected delays before my system was installed *
The system began generating electricty almost immediately *
My installer explained to me how the system operated (inverter, panels) *
I was offered options to personally monitor my system or options for it to be remotely monitored and the prices for each option were explained *
My installer explained what to expect from my system in an utility power outage *
SInce your system was installed has your installer been in contact with you *
Has your system been problem free since it was installed? *
If your answer is no, please explain in the "other" box
If you have needed to contact your installer was he/she responsive to your questions? *
If the answer is no please explain
What is your overall satisfaction with the process of buying and having your solar system installed? *
Do you have any other comments about the process of buying your solar system and having it installed?
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If you monitor your system how do you do so? *
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I am satisfied with the performance of my system *
I am saving money *
I am proud of having a solar system on my roof *
I am disappointed with my system's performance *
I would make this decision again *
If my power goes out I will still have electricity because of my solar system *
Please provide any other comments about owning your solar system
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What is your location (State and City) *
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How many people live in your home? *
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What was your average monthly electricity bill before installation? *
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What is your average electricity bill now, after installation? *
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