Audience Survey 2020
The Buxton Festival Fringe is run by volunteers. To guide our future work, and support our applications for grant funding, it is hugely helpful to have information about the interests and makeup of our audiences. Please spend a few minutes completing our questionnaire. Because of 2020’s unusual circumstances, the Fringe is mainly online this year. We would love to know what you think.

(Please complete only one questionnaire during the Festival)
1. How many Fringe events, online or otherwise, will you engage with this year?
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2. How do you rate the Fringe so far this year?
Very poor
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3a. Do you think encouraging online events at the Fringe this year was a good idea?
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3b. Please expand on your response
4a. Has the online offer meant that you have been able to ‘attend’ events which would otherwise have been inaccessible to you?
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4b. Please expand on your response
5. Would you be interested in online events at the Fringe in future years?
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6a. Was there something in particular you would have liked as an online ‘event’ during the Fringe but which was not available?
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6b. Please expand on your response
7a. Did you find it easy to access the online events on the website and Fringe app?
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7b. Please expand
8. In 2020 we did not publish a printed programme. How useful do you find it in a normal year?
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9. In a normal year, which of these do you consult the most to find out what’s on - the programme, the website, the Fringe app or other sources (please specify)?
10. What has been your personal highlight of this year’s Fringe?
11. To help us with our marketing...
11a. What is your postcode?
11b. Please select your age
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11c. How many years have you been 'coming to' the Fringe?
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11d. Do you use Social Media?
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If Yes, please specify
11e. How did you first hear about the Fringe?
11f. Where have you seen/heard it advertised this year?
12. Please provide any other comments below
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