2017 Madison Media Professionals Survey
As we transition away from MCA-I Madison, Madison Media Professionals (MMP) is looking for your feedback. We want to make an organization that best suits its members.
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Have you visited the updated Madison Media Professionals website? www.madisonmediapros.org
Have you registered online for an event through the new MMP website?
If "yes", what is your opinion of the registration process?
What information or materials would you like to see added to the website?
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Have you visited or "Liked" our Facebook page? https://www.facebook.com/MadisonMediaPros/
Do you read our monthly email newsletter?
Not including the WAVE awards, MMP hosts 8 monthly meetings in a typical year. How many monthly meetings do you attend?
If you do not attend a meeting, what your top 3 reasons? (Please choose up to 3)
What are reasons you attend a monthly MMP meeting? (Choose up to 3)
Has the $5 Late fee discouraged you from attending a meeting? (Note: $5 fee at the door is only members who did not pre-register.)
What food or refreshments would you like to see at meetings? (Choose up to 3)
Would you be interested in better food/more variety at meetings if it meant an increase in annual membership?
If answered "no" from above, would you be willing to pay a small amount at an event for more substantial food. ($5 , for example)
What subjects would you like to see covered at upcoming monthly meetings?
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What are your top 3 reasons for membership in MMP? (Choose up to 3)
What would you like to see Madison Media Professionals provide its members? (Choose up to 4)
Would you or your employer be interested in hosting a monthly event?
Please list the years of experience in your field
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