7 Questions for Templemore!
Please complete this brief Community Action Quiz - Your responses will help prepare a Community Action Plan for Templemore for the next 1-5 years. This will be a list of achievable actions to improve Templemore's community, economic and environmental well-being. Your information will be confidential and only be used as a part of this local planning process.
We also invite you to take part in the community planning event at 8pm on November 15th at the Templemore Arms, hosted by Templemore Community Development Association. If you have any queries, please email info@daveryan.ie This shortlink can also be used to share this form: www.bit.ly/templemoreourplan
1. What would you like to see improved in your community and what NEW PROJECTS would you like to see started?
(Please provide a bullet point for each idea, we wish to create a list of good community project ideas)
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2. What do you like best about living in Templemore?
Think about what are the key strengths, assets and resources of your town
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3. What are the main challenges for people in Templemore?
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4. General Views - What are the key community issues that you are concerned about/interested in?
Not interested
Somewhat interested
Very interested
I am involved in work or projects on this theme
1. Business & Employment
2. Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
3. Security and Policing
4. Environment & Climate Change
5. Local Planning & Infrastructure
6. Health & Wellbeing
7. Local Education Opportunities
8. Culture, Heritage & Arts
9. Recruiting Local Volunteers
10. Supporting and funding for Local Community Groups
11. Involvement of and Supports for Young People
12. Involvement of and Supports for older people
13. Access to Public Transport
5. Do you currently volunteer in your community? (Answer YES or NO). If no, is there any voluntary group/activity that you would like to find out more about?
6. What could be done to encourage more people to volunteer or get involved with local community & voluntary groups?
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7. What other comments or suggestions do you have?
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Please tick what age bracket you are in?
Contact email (to stay updated about the community plan)
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Please indicate that you agree to receive email updates about Templemore community action plan.
The personal details provided above will be not be shared with any third party and will be used just as part of this project. All data will be kept safe in compliance with GDPR regulations. Templemore Community Development Association (TCDA) is a community group which was founded in 2016 to fill the vacuum created by the dissolution of Templemore Town Council in 2014. Its aim is to promote, support and seek funding for local community projects and work in partnership with statutory and voluntary bodies and public representatives. Further information is available on Website www.templemore.ie
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