Phrog's Commission Request Form
This is a quick and dirty commission request form. If you've got other questions or feel that you're not quite getting what you need out of this, head over to my page for details on what kind of Services I offer, my ToS, and a few examples of my artwork!
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Let's Get Started!
First off, how did you hear about my artwork? *
Please list the site and user from whom shared the content. If you don't remember the user, that's okay too.
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How can I get in touch with you? *
Please provide an e-mail address for our direct correspondance.
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Do you use a separate e-mail for billing?
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The Queue
The Queue is a list of my current ten commission slots and who they belong to. This is so that everyone who's commissioned me can see exactly where they are in line at any time.

When possible, I try to place an individual's avatar or a thumbnail of the character I'm being commissioned to draw on The Queue. Additionally, at your request I can turn your avatar and name into a link that redirects to a website of your choice. This could be twitter, an artshare account, or a character profile page. It's entirely optional!

If you find that you aren't interested in having any information listed in The Queue, simply give me a name or title to use so that you may keep track of yourself in the commission list.
What information would you like me to display on The Queue regarding your commission? *
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Time to go over some details!
What type of image are you considering? *
How do you want your image to look? *
What kind of background do you want? *
Would you like any extras with your commission? *
Extras Constitute additional characters, weapons, or detailed objects.
Almost finished!
Tell me about the image you'd like me to illustrate. *
Please write out the details of your commission, including your background choice, and extras as clearly as possible.
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Please provide your character references. *
Pictures are required. Celebrities are allowed to be used as references.
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Please provide your background references.
Videogame screenshots, photos, Bob Ross paintings, whatever you need to share!
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Do you need your commission fast?
Need this image in your inbox by a certain date?
Please be aware that deadlines closer than 14 days will not be accepted.
A deadline closer than 60 days requires an additional fee of 10$ USD.
Please note that this option is not required.
Terms of Service
Please review the Terms of Service located at: *
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