Toddler Application
Ages 12 - 36 months

We are proud to be a participant in Boulder County's CCAP program in our preschool and kindergarten programs. Please know that CCAP is not available in our toddler program.

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Siblings - Please list siblings name, date of birth, and gender
Family Questionnaire
Please describe the pregnancy and birth ( i.e. c-section, complications during pregnancy and birth, adoption, etc). *
Please describe your child’s daily rhythm from the time they wake up until they go to bed. *
Has your child been in regular out-of-home care before (include where and length of time)? *
Has your child had a regular in-home caretaker who is not a parent?  If so, who was the caretaker? *
What types of family activities do you enjoy together? *
Please describe your child’s personality (including strengths and areas you’d like to see strengthened). *
Please describe how your child plays with other children. *
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Does your child watch T.V., movies, or videos or play computer/tablet games? How often? Do you watch/play with them? *
Are you willing to decrease the amount of your child’s screen time if your teacher feels it would benefit your child?  Please answer as fully as you are able. *
What types of food does your child like to eat? *
Develomental Milestones
Please let us know at what age your child accomplished the following milestones.
Crawl *
Sit Up *
Walk *
Grow first tooth *
Speak first word *
Medical History
What illnesses has your child had, particularly including measles, mumps, diphtheria, rubella, shigella, hepatitis (type?), meningitis (type?), salmonella, chicken pox, or giardia? *
Does your child have any allergies or health issues? *
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