"Dinner With George" Casting
This form is for scheduling auditions for "Dinner With George", and NYU Thesis film. Auditions will take place in the evening on March 14th and 15th. Thank you for signing up!

Lisa: Aged 17, Caucasian. Strong-willed precocious spirit with a sense of morality. City-born, but with a love for the quiet and unchangeability of her grandmother's small town, she often feels caught between two worlds. Deeply misses her grandfather and what he meant to her, even if she was very young when he died. The protagonist of the story.

Young Lisa: Aged 7, Caucasian. Thoughtful and worried for her grandmother, just days after her grandfather's death.

Jenna: Aged 15, Caucasian. Lanky and introverted. A grounding element and younger sister to Lisa. Goes with the flow of life, seeing where it will take her. Also city-born, but elf-like in her love for nature.

Jenna: Aged 5, Caucasian. Introverted, but with plenty of energy to run. Mischievous.

Edith: Aged 14, Caucasian. Grown up and responsible and younger cousin of Lisa's. Spending a lot of her childhood in their grandmother’s home, she fits in better with quiet town like a glove.

Young Edith: Aged 4, Caucasian. Young, happy, and full of energy.

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