Community Reading Buddies 2018
Welcome! The Community Reading Buddies 2018 application is now open.
We will be working at three preschool sites this summer:
Highland CDC – 1322 86th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94621
Laurel CDC – 3825 California Street, Oakland, CA 94619
United Nation CDC -- 1025 4th Ave, Oakland, CA 94606

*You can volunteer at as many sites as you like, or just one.

Weekly Schedule
We haven't finalized our summer schedule yet, but here's what you can plan on.

The program runs Monday - Friday for 8 weeks, June 11- August 3. Each day, there is a morning session (usually about 10am) and an afternoon session (usually about 2pm). Each session runs two hours, and you can do one or both.

We visit different sites on different days. There's a lot of flexibility - you can choose which days, times, and locations to volunteer. The minimum we ask is 4 hours per week (two sessions) for three weeks, but theoretically you can work as many as 20 hours/week by doing all the sessions.

Registered volunteers will be able to sign up for the available dates and times on Sign Up Genius. On-site training sessions will be held at the school sites on Tuesdays and Wednesdays one hour prior to the program start time for any mentors who have never gone through a training.

If you have any questions while completing the application form, please call us at (510) 550-5591 during business hours.

Step 1: Enter primary email address
This will be the email used to receive key information and communications that you will need to complete your sign-up, and make any changes to your schedule over the summer as needed.

Please enter the email for whoever will take responsibility for scheduling.

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Step 2: Answer the following questions
1. Volunteer Information - Please enter contact information for the volunteer
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2. Parent Information - Please enter contact information for the volunteer's parent or guardian
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3. What grade will you be entering in the Fall of 2018?
(In general, only 7th-12th graders can participate. If you don't fit that requirement - contact us and we can talk.)
4. What school do you attend?
Please spell out whole name, e.g., "Coliseum College Prep Academy" instead of "CCPA"
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5. Have you participated in Reading Buddies before? This is my... *
6. All volunteers must attend a mandatory Mentor Training.
If you do not attend a Mentor Training you will not be able to serve as a Reading Buddy this summer.

If you missed the June training sessions, you will have to complete an on-site training at one of the school sites.

Laurel CDC- Tuesdays at 10am
UN CDC- Tuesdays 1:00pm
Highland CDC- Wednesdays at 10:30am

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7. How did you hear about Community Reading Buddies? (Your answer REALLY helps us!) *
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