Do you want to be among the first to order the World Champion Cheese, Rogue River Blue, when Rogue Creamery releases the 2020 vintage next September? Ensure your order of this seasonal, limited-production cheese by filling out this Preorder Form. Cheese will be reserved on a first-come, first served basis.

• We will email all Rogue River Blue Preorder Customers in August 2020 to confirm your order, take payment info, and arrange shipping details.
• There is a cap on the quantity of Rogue River Blue that can (in total) be set aside for Preorder Customers, so please only reserve the quantity you expect you will want.
• You will not be charged for your cheese until next fall when it is shipped.

By filling out this form, you are guaranteed the following pricing (pre-shipping):
• Quarter Wheel of Rogue River Blue (est. 20 oz): $75
• Full Wheel of Rogue River Blue (est. 4.75 lbs): $235

This form is only for Direct Consumer sales. If you are looking for wholesale preordering for your restaurant or retail store, please contact
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