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We collect information solely for the purpose of providing services to our members and facilitating our communication with them. We do not collect or use personal information for any other purposes. The personal information provided to us by the members makes it possible for us to deliver, based on it, more useful information selectively.
Emails and Newsletters. We use the personal information you provide to us when you receive our newsletter in order to respond to your request, to reply to your email or to send you communications about news and events related to Korean Endocrine Society. When you subscribe to our newsletter, your name and email address is sent to and stored by Korean Endocrine Society Registered Users. When you register to obtain a user account on website, you may be asked to provide personal information to create your account and establish a password and profile. Providing your email address and/or real name is required. If you do provide your email address, it will allow us to send you your password if you should forget it. We will also use that personal information to establish and maintain your membership and provide you with the features we provide for Registered Users, and for the purpose of contacting you about upcoming news and events relevant to Korean Endocrine Society. Any other personal information that we may collect which is not described specifically in this Privacy Policy will only be collected and used in accordance with the Principles. When the range, purpose, and use of the information collected by us change, we will make sure to notify our members and ask for their consent beforehand.

*Collecting Your Personal Information
Korean Endocrine Society requires you to provide your personal information. You will be asked to enter your E-mail, password, name, gender, date of birth, title, position, department, Affiliation/organization, address, city, postal code, country, email, classification and telephone number

*Storing of Your Personal Information
Information you provide through our Website, or that we gather as a result of your use of our Website, should not be used for marketing or advertising purposes, nor should it be provided voluntarily (without your permission) to anyone else unless required. Korean Endocrine Society will continue to maintain and manage its members' personal information as long as they continue to receive its services and retain their membership. However, when a member cancels his or her membership by request for de-registration, all personal information collected by us will be permanently deleted from our database, ensuring that the opening or use of such information for any purposes is no longer possible.
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