Disciple Now: Vision 2020
An awesome teen retreat starting at 6:00 pm Friday, March 13 and running until 12:30 pm Sunday, March 15, 2020 at Apollo Baptist Church.

Before completing this form, please understand:

* This form is due by Wednesday, February 19, 2020 to guarantee a spot and t-shirt for your student.

* This form is meant to be completed by the parent or legal guardian, not the student.

* You will need to submit a separate on line form for each student and worker.

* In ADDITION to this form, you will need to submit the $25.00 event cost, per student, either to Reginald Givens or to the church office.

* You will need to either drop off your student in person and sign the liability waiver on the day of the event or request a waiver in advance and have it notarized.

Fill out a separate registration form for each student and worker.
Student or Adult Worker Name *
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Parent/Guardian Name *
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Parent/Guardian Emergency Contact Name and Phone # *
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Non Parent/Guardian Emergency Name and Phone # *
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Are our event staff authorized to approve medical treatment? *
Is the student covered by personal/family medical insurance? *
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Does your student have any food allergies? *
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Does your student have other allergies that need to be considered when staying away from home (i.e. pet dander)? If yes, please explain.
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Is there anything you wish to disclose regarding your student's health as it pertains to participating in games or being away overnight?
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Disclosures & Acknowledgements
I understand the retreat cost is $25.00 per student and is due by February 19, 2020 to guarantee a T-Shirt and I also understand all payments must be made by cash or check written to "Apollo Baptist Church." *
I understand I will need to sign the actual event waiver for my student to participate in this event and will either sign it in person at check-in or request a copy ahead of time that I will sign and have notarized. *
I am the student's parent or legal guardian and verify all the above information is accurate to the best of my knowledge. *
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