2019 ASCE Sacramento YMF Special Election Nominations
Below are the 3 current positions within Sacramento ASCE YMF, that need to be filled. Self nominations are welcomed. For every nomination please provide their contact information either their email address or phone number so the nominee maybe notified of their nomination. (The Nominees will not be informed of who nominated them)
Nominations End February 25th 2019.
Nominees will be notified of their nominations shortly after the closing nomination date, and will choose to either accept or decline their nomination. Shortly after, a list of candidates will be sent out to the YMF email list serve.
Candidates will be voted on and sworn in on at the next Sacramento YMF Business meeting taking place on 03/14/2019.

*Candidates and voting participants must be present at the Business Meeting.
*Elected Candidates will hold the position until October, with exception to the Vice President who will transfer to the role of President.

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Supports and helps president with the coordination of the YMF group. Acts in the Presidents behalf in his/her absence. Collects and prepares the monthly officer update to be distributed before the meetings. Becomes President the following term.(Below please provide the Nominee's name and either their email or phone number)
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Keeps records of all the Minutes, the Newsletters, any letters, copies of the Website, and flyers of events. The minutes are sent to the President and ultimately to the Website coordinator to update the information on the web.This may be a co-chair position if not all meetings can be attended. (Below please provide the Nominee's name and either their email or phone number)
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Maintains the membership database of YMF, and is the “hub” of all mass emailing. Sends out meeting reminders. Distributes sign in sheet at all events to gain contact information from new members. Helps update and distribute new member packets. Assist in welcoming new faces and introducing them to others. Accesses the National ASCE membership database. Uses this information to the benefit of SACYMF membership including tracking which members are current dues paying members of National ASCE and the Sacramento Section.
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