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Where do you located? *
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Name of dog that prompted you to apply.
Are you open to foster other dogs if the dog found another foster home?
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Do you have social media? Please let us know the address so we can share pre and post adoption story for you.
Could you run instagram for the dog to share the dog's personality, pictures, and videos?
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(Optional)Please provide 2 non-family references you have known for longer than 3 years. (Name, Email address, Phone number) Please let them know that we are going to reach out to them.
Please tell us about the people in your household including yourself and your family. If there is tenants/renters/landlord in the same house, please include their info as well.
First and Last name | Age | Occupation | Relationship
Have you ever fostered, adopted or volunteered for a rescue dog? Please share your story with us if you did.
How long are you able to foster the dog?
Please check what training you can do with this dog.
Please explain what your activity level will look like with a dog in your home.  We'd like to know the quantity, duration and type of physical exercise you can provide daily. (training, relationship building, engagement exercises, games, etc)
How often and how long are you plaining to walk this dog daily? We recommend twice a day in the morning and afternoon or evening generally. This is just a recommendation.
Can you pick up the dog from the airport?
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Is your house fully fenced?
Is your house fully fenced?  What is the type of the house? (condo, apartment, townhouse, house, basement)
If you are renting your home, is your landlord allow pets?
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Are there any pets in your household?
Please explain to us what breed, species, age, sex, personality.
If there is any other pets, can you separate this dog?
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If there is any other pets, are they spayed or neutered?
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Are all dogs and pets up to date on vaccinations and on monthly heart worm, monthly flea, tick preventative?
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How many hours at a time will the dog be left unattended? (weekdays and weekends)
When can you start fostering?
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Could you bring this dog to a vet if necessary?
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Do you agree to follow our fostering guide during fostering process?
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Could you share this dog's pictures, videos and personality to promote this dog's adoption ad?
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This is fostering and this doesn't guarantee to adopt this dog if you want to adopt this dog. Do you agree with this?
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We don't allow the use of dog parks or off leash in any outdoor place. Do you agree with this?
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We expect you to advocate for the safety, health and well being of your foster dog in all situation. Do you understand this?
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We require that this dog lives in the your residence with you. Do you agree?
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Does all family members of the household agree with fostering a rescue dog?
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It is very important to follow our safety guide. We ask you to have 2 leases from the martingale caller and the other one from harness. Do you agree follow our safety guide?
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We have a safety guide to follow.  Please visit the link below to read. Do you agree following this safety guide? *
We have a foster guide to follow.  Please visit the link below to read. Do you agree following this foster guide? *
Most of rescue dogs have been through a lot of stress & instability. We emphasize routine and training with positive reinforcement and without the unnecessary use of harsh leash corrections, choke collars, scolding and hitting. Do you agree with this?
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The dogs you are fostering are belong to Eight Paws Dog Rescue. You have to return them safely when the fostering is terminated. Do you agree with this? If you agree, please write 'Yes', date, and initial of your name. *
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