Apply to Rails Girls Cluj-Napoca, 23th-24th March 2018
Thank you for your interest to apply to Rails Girls Cluj-Napoca!
Feel free to use English or Romanian for filling in this form.
This application form will give us a better idea about you and help us gather an amazing group of participants. Applications close on 4th March 2018. Your acceptance will be announced by 8th March 2018.
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This event is dedicated for girls, but if you are a guy and you want to apply, you have to come with a girl. So, please write also the name of the girl you are coming with (she must also apply for the workshop)
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It is not mandatory, but if you have something in your mind regarding what you would like to develop with our help, feel free to tell us.
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What is your background? *
You can tell us here what have you studied, what ar you currently studying or metion any other courses you've taken that you considred useful for you knowledge improvement. This will help us organize teams with the coaches better.
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Do you have any prior experience with Ruby and Ruby on Rails? *
We require none, but in case you have, please describe the projects you have been working on.
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Do you have any allergies food related? *
You can briefly tell us if you're vegetarian, having an allergy or simply eat everything.
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