Learning a new graphics API
Hi, I'm teaching computer graphics and OpenGL at a university. Thus I often think about what the most motivating way are to teach this kind of stuff. Maybe you can give me some input on what you would prefer? Note that here I don't want to limit the options to a strict class-like setting! It's about learning in general. Given enough useful answers, I will share the findings publicly of course. Just check me Twitter stream: @renderpipeline .
I'm already familiar with...
(what APIs do you know good enough that you wouldn't look for a tutorial anymore)
I'd like to learn / I plan to learn...
I want to learn the above API(s) because...
How would you prefer to learn those APIs? *
I would ignore it
Last resort
OK but not enough
I would prefer this
I would use this *exclusively* if offered
A class (face to face, homework)
Official specifications / API reference
Written online tutorial
Video tutorial / recorded lecture
Live coding event (Twitch etc.)
A book
Asking/Googling specific questions
How would you prefer to learn those APIs?
(In case I missed some options, add them here)
In case there is homework, would you prefer
Clear selection
What do you think about live coding video streams?
I would prefer a series of tutorials that...
Clear selection
I would prefer material that...
Clear selection
I would like to use the following OS to learn the API:
(I'm aware that some API-OS combinations would not work ;-)
Is it important that the examples run unaltered on your OS?
Do you want to try out the provided code without porting it or do you just read the examples online and build your own (test) applications anyway?
not important
very important
Clear selection
In the past I learned with the following great resources:
(Links, books, tips... (optional) )
I also want to say:
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