Registration for ICON 's Got Talent
ICON’s Got Talent (Final Award)

Total Award : 300,000 ICX

Number of Teams : 6 teams (50,000 ICX per team)

Deadline : By 7/31 EOD (KST)

How to Participate: In order to participate in ICON’s Got Talent final award selection, regist your service information via below link

Registration Link :
***Those who have already register for the TX Challenge must also reapply to participate ICON’s Got Talent (Final Award)

Evaluation Period: 2019/08/01 - 2019/08/13

Announcement : 2019/08/14

Judges : 10 judges will evaluate projects based on the evaluation criteria and 6 teams with the highest average score will be selected as final winners
ICON Members
- Jonghyup Kim (ICONLOOP CEO)
- Yongjoon Chung (ICONLOOP Head of Business Development)
- Jaechang Namgoong (ICONLOOP Core Developer)
- Justin Hsiao (ICON Core Community Member)

- Daeki Lee (ICX Station : San Francisco)
- Minkoo Kim (ICX Station : Tokyo)
- Hyun Oh (ICX Station : Seoul)

Crypto Funds
- Steven Chen (Noris: San Francisco)
- Ken Kitahara (B Cryptos: Tokyo)
- Yi Ming Ng (Tribe: Singapore)

Evaluation Criteria
- Value to end users (30%)
- Good use of blockchain (30%)
- Creativity (15%)
- UI/UX (15%)
- Popularity (10%)

Email address *
Name/Team title ( 담당자 이름/ 팀명 ) *
Service introduction Link ( on ICON Reddit )
In order to participate in ICON’s Got Talent final award selection, you need to post on our Reddit channel with the below format. Number of upvotes you receive on your Reddit post will be reflected on one of the evaluation criteria: popularity.

ICON’s Got Talent 최종시상에 도전하실 분들은 ICON Reddit 채널에 다음과 같은 양식으로 참가신청을 작성해주시기 바랍니다. 외국분들이 심사위원에 포함되어 있으셔서 영어로 양식을 기입해주시면 감사하겠습니다. 심사 기준중 하나인 인기도가 Reddit에서 얼마나 upvote를 많이 받느냐가 감안이 될 예정입니다.

Upload location :

ex) Title: [ICON’s Got Talent] Service Name

Service description:
Service URL:
Service SCORE address:
Screenshots of service

Come up with creative ways to make the community upvote for your post
많은 분들이 upvote를 할 수 있도록 유도할 수 있는 방안을 강구하시어 홍보 진행해주시기 바랍니다.
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