Beat the Backlist 2019 Sign-Up Form
Welcome to Beat the Backlist 2019! Your goal? Read as many books published in 2018 or earlier on your TBR list over the course of the year. YOU set your own goal. YOU pick your to-read list. YOU succeed!

If you are interested in participating in the beat the Backlist challenge for the 2019 reading year, please post your potential TBR list somewhere online (blog post, Twitter thread, instagram, YouTube video, etc) then fill out the form below. You are NOT held to the list you make, it's just a starting point!

Good luck, and happy reading!

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Hogwarts House Mini Challenge
Each year, participants have the option to "earn points" for their team as extra motivation during the Beat the Backlist challenge. The points are for no other purpose than a fun challenge, and are completely optional.

To earn points for your Hogwarts house, you will need to submit the books you've read to a Google Form throughout the year. The form is open all year long and is based on the honor system. There will be a place to add a Goodreads link or Review link if you choose but it is optional and will not impact your reading challenge or points in any way.

Would you like to participate in the OPTIONAL Hogwarts mini challenge? *
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