Latin Maxims & Phrases - Quiz #18
12 multiple choice questions with one option correct of 1 point each.
“Quando aliquid mandatur, mandatur et omne per quod ______ ad illud.”
Hint: When anything is ordered to be done, everything by which it is to be accomplished is also impliedly authorised.
1 point
“Qui ex damnato coitu nascuntur inter liberos non ______.”
Hint: Those born from an unlawful intercourse are not to be deemed among the lawful children.
1 point
“Quando lex aliquid alicui ______, concedere videtur et id sine quo res ipsa esse non potest.”
Hint: When the law gives a man anything it gives him that also without which the thing itself cannot exist.
1 point
“Qui ______ probat nihil probat.”
Hint: He proves nothing who proves too much.
1 point
“Qui ______ per alium facit per se.”
Hint: He who acts through another acts through himself.
1 point
“______ cautela quam medela.”
Hint: Caution is better than cure.
1 point
“Quando res non valet ut ago, valeat ______ valere potest.”
Hint: When anything does not operate in the way one intends, let it operate as far as it can.
1 point
“Quando jus domini regis et sutaditi ______ jus regis praeferri debet.”
Hint: When the right of the king and that of a subject arise simultaneously the former takes precedence.
1 point
“Quaelibet concessio fortissime contra donatorem ______ est.”
Hint: Every grant is to be interpreted most strongly against the donor.
1 point
“Qui non ______, approtaat.”
Hint: He who does not blame, approves.
1 point
“Qui haeret in litera haeret in ______.”
Hint: He who considers only the mere wording of a document goes but skin deep into its meaning.
1 point
“Principia probant non ______.”
Hint: It is not necessary to prove first principles — i.e. maxims.
1 point
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