CoM 2018 Feedback
IAPB would like to gather and analyse feedback on the CoM 2018 - your feedback is vital for us to improve what we do at our Council of Members meetings.
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Learn, Connect, Advocate, Trend were the key objectives of CoM 2018.
Learn. Do you feel during CoM 2018 you have learnt new valuable knowledge which you can use to further your work in the eye health sector? *
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Connect. Do you feel during CoM 2018 you connected with people with whom you can build mutually beneficial relationships? *
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Advocate. Do you feel CoM 2018 was an opportunity for you to advocate key messages to policy makers ? *
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Trend. Do you feel the programme of CoM 2018 covered the current trends and hot topics in the Eye Health sector? *
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Please rate the content of the event - please think about whether you found the presentations insightful or useful. *
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What should future Council of Member meetings contain more of? *
Please rate the location of the meeting - think about how far you had to travel, was Hyderabad a location that suited you for any other business you needed to conduct and whether you felt that it was important to visit the region.
Perfect location
Please rate the venue The Park Hyatt - think about the venue itself, the rooms where meetings were hosted and the food.
Below average
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