Kids Worship Choir Registration

    Dear Parent/Guardian of our future Kids Choir Member(s), Thank You for becoming a part of this Worship ministry of LBC! This is an incredible opportunity for your child(ren) to learn music, have fun, and worship with other children for the building up of our church family. Because this is not just entertainment but ministering to others that we want to do excellently, we are asking for a commitment from you upon registering. Your commitment is this: Your little choir members will be here for every rehearsal if possible and if they miss more than 4 rehearsals in the course of this season following their registration, other than for an emergency, the director may ask them to step out of choir until the next season when they may register again. This is for the good of the group as a whole and because rehearsal must be regular for our performances to be of quality in our worship services. The schedule of rehearsals can be viewed on the Kids Worship Choir website or downloaded below. We do not expect changes, but if there are we will contact you. Rehearsals will be in Building B, Room 7 and then you will pick up the kids from Room 3 following 1st Service.